Why do I love to create oil paintings of the human body?
I feel an inexpressible joy when I infuse life into cold pigment,
When my creations laughs or cry, soar to the heavens or sink into despair.
Smooth as Silk, a tranquil woman deep in thought set against a colorful background of green, yellow, blue and purple. Mashiro, a slender young oriental woman with a hat and veil set against a white background. Kuro, a pale slender young oriental woman with long black hair almost covering her, set against a dark mysterious background. A framed oil painting of a nude woman surrounded by swirling burgundy drapery with the sea and crescent moon against a yellow sky. A framed oil painting of a serene partially nude woman showing her translucent sensuous back. She appears modestly covered below the waist by deep blue drapery which contrasts nicely with the dark brown background. A framed oil painting of a partially nude woman showing her bare back giving and receiving comfort from her barely visible lover.
Bent But Not Broken, a framed oil painting of a woman saddened by the loss of a breast but still consoled by the beauty of her body and her life. A commissioned portrait of a four year old child rendered realistically with her pink cap, burgundy dress, white silk belt, and all her innocence and trust. Only Daddy's hand appears signifying his constant love and protection. Unfathomable, an impressionistic half length portrait of a mysterious woman in a burgundy dress and a large green hat set against a swirling background of burgundy, pink and green. Venus Verticordia, a homage to the sublime nude of the same name by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Her long brown hair flows over her shoulder almost down to her bare breast, which is very pale compared to the varied brown background.
Mind Wide Open, a surrealistic oil painting of a one-eyed woman whose face fades into a brown desert with yellow and burgundy clouds. God as an Architect, an original oil reproduction of the William Blake painting of God in a ball of yellow and gold fire sending out golden lightning bolts.
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